A reading journey with the author, Su-Ann

After Grady Bear books began on their own adventure… making their way at festivals such as the Asian Festival of Children’s Content and the Beijing International Book Fair, and Grady Bear stories began to be shared in bookstores and at schools around the world… something else happened: as the author and face of the books, I also gained very valuable feedback on how to make the Grady Books better. Especially from the little ones whom these books are for – Thank You for being honest and open with me!

So the writer in me wanted a way so that many more can benefit from the multiple doors, possibilities and ideas that were folded into each Grady Bear book, from the choice of words and sentences to the illustrations to the themes. How else could I reach out to the readers?

Hence the birth to the idea of creating walkthroughs. (Side note: the writer likes gaming quite a bit as well: why not play in alternative worlds if not creating them through stories and ideas?)

The Grady Bear Walkthroughs are written for parents, educators and story-tellers. It is meant to take you in detail, page by page, through the Grady Bear books, how you and your reader can read aloud (both together and separately) and how you can further conversations based on the ideas on that page with the reader. Walkthroughs are designed to show you how to open doors to conversations.

I hope you enjoy the 71 pages of walkthrough as much as I did creating them.

 The Grady Bear Walkthru.pdf

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