About Us

The Story of Grady Bear

It all started back in July 2010 when Grady Bear, who originated from Guernsey, joined the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in a training seminar. Thereafter, Grady Bear was sent away with a deserving Principal to visit other schools. Adorable, loveable and a natural leader-of-the-pack, Grady Bear became popular with classes all over the world.

The Grady Bear storybooks, which showcase the iconic bear, are read-aloud drama. Created to instill life-long love for reading, learning and literacy in readers, our themes are universally relatable to all children.

No book project is done in isolation. The Grady Bear books are created by a dedicated team, who, tirelessly work together for each book.

Meet the Author, Su-Ann Mae Phillips and the Grady Bear Adventures Team

“To the you-know-whos

being my light and joy

such I may pass on truth and love

to the young and the old,

the big and the small,

everywhere and anywhere in this world.”


Su-Ann Mae Phillips is a writer, lifecoach and 7 year old mummy (and counting). Behind her and Grady Bear stories is her daughter, who is her personal in-house editor and resident storyboard critic. When Su-Ann is not writing, she is running workshops to children or parents, pursuing what she says is her scheme to create a better world through children and parents. She is supported by Margaret Darley, veteran preschool educator and editor who whip-lashes the Grady Bear stories into read-aloud worthy material. Mike Lowe is the illustrator behind the beautiful artwork of Grady Bear, enabling an innocent, child-like quality to come alive on each page and for each character. Foo Siew Huey, the book designer, is not just behind the layout, she is also the structure who holds the production team altogether before the books goes to Tien Wah Press.

Grady Bear Adventures is not possible without the persistent support and drive of Nancy Soon, the mastermind for bringing Grady Bear books to primary schools in Singapore and to Books Kinokuniya Singapore, and onward to China and Asia-Pacific through Helen O Grady and beyond. Nigel Le Page brought Grady Bear to the Helen O Grady Drama Academies in the UK, resulting in Grady Bear Adventures reaching out to thousands of children worldwide.

The adventures of Grady Bear books will not be complete without mention of the invisible hands behind the marketing and logistics that go with every festival, book launch and book fair for Grady Bear books for the past 3 years.

Finally, the story-telling of Grady Bear Adventures to children all over the world, be it at bookstores, in classes, in bedrooms… Thank you, dear reader, for working tirelessly to bring Grady Bear to the world.