Do Ostriches Have Teeth?

When our writer was looking for themes for the second book that every child could relate to, she didn’t have to look far as her daughter was in the process of losing another tooth. It then struck her that when it comes to sharing relatable stories, everybody will have at least one story to share about losing a tooth (or in some cases, teeth).

From a child’s point of view, losing our first set of teeth marks one of our first experiences of loss. This can imprint into us ideas of what loss is about and how to cope with loss. In Grady Loses a Tooth, Grady is curious about the sounds he can make with the gap in his teeth, but he keeps it to himself as he is being teased.

Losing teeth is common. The irony is, being common doesn’t take away the teasing and the bad jokes that many experience when teeth are lost.

(Aside to readers: try reading aloud “when teeth are lost”… it gives you a sense of the Read-Aloud Drama our writer weaves into the Grady Bear books)

In Grady Loses a Tooth, our writer plays up this irony when Oz the Ostrich teases and laughs at Grady who loses a tooth. (The irony plays out more so as Ostriches have no teeth to begin with.)

Question is, is Oz mean to tease someone about something Oz never has to experience?

Find out in Grady Loses A Tooth

Grady Loses a Tooth

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