Grady Goes Adventuring

You can’t see me. You only see what I move. I am everywhere.

Who am I? What can I do? You, young brown bear. Solve my riddle.

Join Grady Bear and his friends as they go adventuring in Storyland – this time, they meet the mysterious and mighty wind in the giant beanstalk forest. After solving riddles and making a new friend, they push on to find new ways to put the orange paper cruncher to sleep… and it does not end there! On their way back, the friends lose their way in the rows of houses made of straw, sticks and bricks… will the children make it back to school in time?

In Grady Goes Adventuring, our readers will be introduced to adventure and adventure-related themes such as courage, being responsible and creative thinking in times of adversity and when facing challenges. Set in Storyland – the land of giant beanstalks, rows of houses of sticks, straws and bricks, and home to the Army of the Marching Cards on the Yellow Brick Road, our readers will get to know the sharp wit of Deedee the Bee and problem-solver Rodiland the Cat.

Parents and educators – Grady Goes Adventuring is ideal for easing into conversations around how sometimes, even the best plans can run into difficulties, and children are never too young (or too small or too inexperienced) to solve their own problems. There’s also lessons sneaked in on the power of wind and how asking the right questions can get you further.

In Grady Goes Adventuring, you will get:

  • 20 pages of carefully selected written content that support vocabulary, grammar and speech learning
  • Read-aloud Drama: Readers will get to read and practice aloud rhymes, vocabulary and sentence structure written by published writer Su-Ann Mae Phillips
  • Beautiful artwork by London-based artist Mike Lowe & layout designer Foo Siew Huey printed on non-toxic, child-friendly paper by Singapore-based Tien Wah Press
  • Ideal 20cm by 20cm book size for sharing in small groups and/or in parent-child pairs. Perfect size for handling by little hands

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