Grady Loses A Tooth

Grady Loses a Tooth

What is it like to lose a tooth?

How will Grady handle being made fun of?

“Oh I lotht a ttttooth!” says Grady.  It is Grady’s first experience losing a tooth.  It felt strange with a gap between his teeth. No matter how much he tried, his speech was not the same.  It made Grady wonder more about teeth.

Grady discovers that growing up is tough.  He didn’t want to be made fun of.  Many of our readers would experience the same or would be when placed in a similar situation.  How will our readers handle it?

Through Grady Loses A Tooth – educators, parents and friends will have a number of opportunities to ease into conversations about common anxiety of losing a first tooth, of being made fun of, or bullied for other reasons, or how opportunities are created in times of adversity.

We will go on an adventure into the evolved stories of our growing-up years: What is the beanstalk that Jack planted like after 30 years? What happened to the Army of Playing Cards from Alice in Wonderland? How has the houses made of sticks, straw and bricks in the Three Little Pigs evolved since? What is a modern tooth fairy like?

In Grady Loses A Tooth, you will get:

  • 20 pages of carefully selected written content that support vocabulary, grammar and speech learning
  • Read-aloud Drama: Readers will get to read and practice aloud rhymes, vocabulary and sentence structure written by published writer Su-Ann Mae Phillips
  • Beautiful artwork by London-based artist Mike Lowe & layout designer Foo Siew Huey printed on non-toxic, child-friendly paper by Singapore-based Tien Wah Press
  • Ideal 20cm by 20cm book size for sharing in small groups and/or in parent-child pairs. Perfect size for handling by little hands

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