Meet the Characters

GRADY BEAR: Leader of the Pack. Adorable, lovable, curious, adventure-seeking young bear. Famous Tagline: “I’m off for an adventure. Who is with me?” Grady wonders a lot… about life and the world around him. Read more about Grady here.

DEEDEE THE BEE: Quick-witted, go-getter bee. Stands for confidence, getting things done, being a good friend.

The bee said, “I’m not small. I’m tiny.”

Deedee might be small but she certainly packs a punch. Read more about Deedee here.

grady looking at deedee

MRS QUINN: Who? Mrs Quinn – the owl in the spotted red dress – is Grady’s and Deedee’s teacher.  A dedicated teacher who believes in tough love, she maintains order in her class but there is a playful, loving aspect of her that parents and teachers would be able to relate to. Mrs Quinn reminds us how grown-ups (including educators) have a human side too.

Mrs Quinn

OZ THE OSTRICH:  What are the colors of Oz’s magical bow tie? Is it orange or gold? Is it cream or white? Like his bow tie, Oz is a mixed-up oddity. Oz was created to leave in readers the wonder: do I like or dislike Oz? In read-aloud drama, it will sound something like: is it odd to be Oz or is it the Ostrich in Oz that is odd? In Grady Loses a Tooth, Oz becomes a bully… not because he wants to, but because… oh there is a twist to it!


THE READING CARPET:  So what really happens on the reading carpet? What’s with the tacky color combination? Why isn’t the carpet on the floor where it should be? (These questions are *too telling* about the true nature of the carpet of gold, yellow and green…)

Reading Carpet

RODILAND THE CAT:  A clever, wise and sharp cat, Rodiland is the spokesperson for the group and for truth, and brainstormer of solutions among the friends. In Grady Loses a Tooth, it is Rodiland who speaks up against the bully Oz:

Rodiland spoke up.
“Oi, Oz! You! You have no teeth!
Have we ever laughed at you?!”

In Grady Goes Adventuring, the cat shows up again, this time, quick-thinking Rodiland comes up with a solution when Grady and friends find their thought-out plan foiled… Clever Cat!


YELLO THE TOOTH FAIRY: In Grady Loses a Tooth, Grady goes on an adventure in Storyland where he meets a modern tooth fairy! Yello’s mixed-up way of speaking is provides plenty of chuckles and tongue-twisters during read-aloud story times. (It is the writer’s sneaky way to make grammar learning fun.) Here’s a peek:

“No tooth need we.
Me, modern tooth fairy is. Music need we.
Soothe Cruncher of Paper Orange to sleep.”


ORANGE PAPER CRUNCHER:  This grumpy and mean machine, the enemy of Storyland, destroys any storybooks he can find lying about in Storyland. Find out what happens to him in Grady Goes Adventuring.


THE MARCHING CARDS OF STORYLAND:  The Marching Cards of Storyland offer readers the perfect read-aloud lines that bring out laughs-out-loud. Here’s one example from In Grady Loses a Tooth:

The marching cards stopped in the middle
of the road, arguing which way to go.

“Right, it is left!
Right, it is right!
Now, who is right?”

And in case you are wondering… yes, the marching cards were inspired from the playing cards in Alice in Wonderland. (Except now they play with words!)


TAMMY T. AND PAULA P.:  Inquisitive, resourceful and self-serving, these two mice are Storyland’s live reporters. They make it their job (they like to call it journalistic integrity) to know everything there is to know about what is going on in Storyland. They may be small, but they certainly know their way around Storyland and beyond.


MASTER ZEPHYR THE WIND:  In every child’s life, there will be at least one wise guardian who not only protects, but also guides, and sets one on their path not by simply showing the way, but having the children earn their way by solving puzzles and proving their worth in Grady Goes Adventuring.

“When I play, I make music. I make noise. Who am I? What can I do?
You, young brown bear. Solve my riddle.”

Read more about how Master Zephyr came to be here.

Stay tuned for others too, who Grady will meet in his adventures…

Sea of children

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