What tooth fairies really do

After our writer decided to write about losing teeth in Book 2, she started exploring common themes around losing teeth, and the topic of the tooth fairy came up.

What is a tooth fairy and what does a tooth fairy really do are two themes explored in Grady Loses a Tooth… the giveaway here is that the tooth fairy who debutes in Grady Loses a Tooth is a modern tooth fairy.

With tech-like looking wings, a long white lab coat and a name “Yello”, Yello is the male modern version of Tinkerbell – with the same curiosity and extremely good at fixing things.

For now, Yello the modern tooth fairy works with the children who, with gaps in their teeth, are able to make music from sounds and noises that are reserved only for children who has lost teeth.

Now, where would that lead Grady and his friends to?


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