Where’s Yello Wand?

Yello may be a modern tooth fairy but does Yello have a wand like all fairies do?

Our writer debated long and hard with the team, and in the end, yes, Yello has a wand. It is yellow with silver and dark brown. In line with Yello’s quirky nature, our writer decided that our readers will meet a fairy who does not need his wand all the time to make magic. He does so in many ways (not saying too much here… the magic he can do comes out in Books 2 and 3 and beyond).

And since his wand is not very important in Yello’s work, Yello does not really take care of his wand. He can be pretty careless about his wand. He stuffs it in his pocket. He leaves it around.

If you are following up to now, then it is no surprise that from time to time, Yello loses his wand… so while you are enjoying the beautiful pictures in Grady Loses a Tooth – see if you can spot Yello’s wand if it is not in his hands…



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